best coffee in devon

I'm not like them other boyz

After working and living in Melbourne on a working holiday, we realised how great small independent cafes were. In Melbourne, Australian's support their local coffee shop over large chains. Barista's would serve amazing coffee in every cup and the standard of brunch was one of a kind. 

After training as a Barista and working in one of Melbourne's Cafe's which was included in the prestigious melbourne coffee guide, we wanted to bring a piece of this home with us. It was one of the greatest places to work. The locals loved it and we were proud of the food and drink we served. When you're spending over £2.50 per cup, why settle for something standard?

We use British roastery's and try and support roasters in the South-West but also use great coffee from roasters in London. We pick our beans on their flavour and the roastery's ethos to leave as small a mark on the environment whilst supporting coffee growers worldwide.