For the hopeless

Built inside a converted Horsebox opposite Combesgate Beach in Woolacombe, Devon. We wanted to offer a little solace and a big ole cuppa joe to the surfers getting served in the cold British seas and the south west coastal walkers who venture outside of the village.

It's not you, it's me

Well maybe it's you a bit. Or maybe it's you a lot. But why not forget your woes by exploring the coast and inhaling that sea air. We lose it for good coffee and we're dead mad about our little coastal spot and we think you will be too. So if your baby leaves you, and you got a tale to tell...




We are only open during peak seasons (it’s too cold!) and are weather dependent.

For more information about when we are open, check out our opening hours or follow us on our social media.

We are also available for hire, so just get in touch!